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  • Fine Art Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Architectural Imagery
  • Live Event Photography
  • Corporate & Medical Marketing
  • Behind-The-Scenes Stills

As an art form, photography is more than the mere capture of an image. It’s the crafting of a moment, the tailoring of a vision that is stitched together through set design, hair, makeup, lighting, atmosphere, and even performance. Whether it’s fine art portraiture or institutional photography, our team is here to create the moments you’re looking for.

Our clients come to us from all over the world for fine art pieces, high-end portraiture, corporate and medical marketing, architectural images, live event photography, and Behind-The-Scenes stills for feature films. Our background is in straddling the fine line between humanizing corporate imagery and producing fine art pieces. When it comes to the corporate world, we work with your team to understand your company’s mission statement, culture, and how you want to position yourself to craft a look that sets you apart from the industry standard. Likewise, our background in the world of fine art gives us the perspective to produce innovative, compelling moments that speak for themselves.

Lead photographer Brooke Pennington shoots fine art and fashion photography all over the world. Featured in popular franchises such as The New York Times best-sellers If I Stay and Keeping Secrets, his artwork can be found in just about every medium and adds tremendous value to our team. We also partner with Listyn Oesch of Reckless Design Studio, a licensed cosmetologist with years of focused experience in high fashion and film production styling.

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